" Sensational Square-agonals" Craftsy Class

" Sensational Square-agonals" Craftsy Class
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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Well looks like my adventure has come to an end (or just beginning )
but spring market is over for me.
Will be heading back early in the morning.

Will be in touch after I regroup.

Asking Marriane Fons out for lunch..maybe next time!

This is Davide Morro, my Aurifil rep for my book.

Laurie Hird author the Farmers Wife

Lynette of thimbleberries
Oh yeah, been talkin to the guy that runs the quilt cruises.....

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Ricky Tims

Alex asking for MY AUTOGRAPH!!!!!!
Really!!!!!! We had a nice long talk.

Alex and me chatting.....

Nancy Zieman

Stacy the soft fuse lady.

Meg, designer of crabapple hill.

Friday, May 21, 2010

What an adventure!

Ladies, family, and friends..... What a ride this has been! So much
is happening and happening fast ... Meeting so many interesting folks
and people like ( some even love) my book! My demo today went great
and there is an interest... This could be big!
Have so much to tell you, BOM squad class will might be short so I
have time to tell my tales .... Love you all and thanks for following
my blog, especially you Julia!
Goin to chill for a bit and get ready for tomorrow.....thanks again
for all the support, I feel all of you are with me!
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Patricia Bravo, designer of Art Gallery fabrics.

Alex says hi again!

Mark Lapinski and I goofin around.

Nancy halverson, Art to Heart

Sandy Gervais

Lynne of Kansas Troubles fabric!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mary Tyler Moore Statue

Found this statue in downtown wandering around.

Taken a break

Taking a break at the Hard Rock Cafe. I am toasting the BOMsquad!

Great Day!

Had my schoolhouse lecture and it went great, had a full room, over 120!
Meeting lots of great people and enjoying everything.....later!
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Just chatting with Eleanor and Orion!

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Eleanor Burns and son Orion

Authors' Book Signing and Demo Schedule

Alex from Aurifil, this is

This is me with Alex from Aurifil, this is for you Julia!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Multimedia message

Multimedia message

Me and my book and my publisher Jeramy.  Oh does the book look awesome!

Multimedia message

Ladies I am on my way to the airport. Thank you all for your good wishes. To the BOM squad ladies. "I love you all and take you with me in my heart !"

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Book Cover

Photo of my cover. It is being published by Landauer Publishing and will be released later this summer.
Come visit me if you are going to Spring Market. I will be doing a schoolhouse at 12:20 in Room 206AB and will be in the Landauer Publishers Booth #1717-1816. I will be doing a demonstration on the book on Friday at 1:00 and Saturday at 3:00.