" Sensational Square-agonals" Craftsy Class

" Sensational Square-agonals" Craftsy Class
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jessica's Quilt

Here is the first completed block for Jessica's Quilt, I call this block "Violets for Jessica".  This should give you a good idea of the wild look this quilt will have.  The variety of fabric choices from the BOM squad will be shown when I post photos of their blocks next month.  Enjoy!
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Block of the Month - Jessica's Wedding Quilt

Let me tell you a little about the new Block of the Month Class I am having for 2011.  I have had a Block of the Month class for the last seven years or more, most of them are designed by me.  The busier I get with my quilt business, especially now that I have a published book, the less time I have for sewing for my family.  Since my daughter is now 23 and her friends are starting to get married, I realized that if she were to get engaged (and that is not even in the picture right now) I would never have time to do what I do, plan a wedding and make a quilt.....so I am taking advangtage of my BOM (block of the month) Squad. 

The design I have for 2011 is one I designed for my daughter and as we go month to month I will be sewing my blocks with her finished quilt in mind.  Some of the blocks are from the Elm Creek series, others are common designs.  The setting is one of my "Square-agonals" designs and the fabric includes the entire "Zuzu's Petals" fabric line.  When she was small we called her Zuzu, since "It's A Wonderful Life" is my favorite movie.  When I saw the fabric line last year I knew immediately that I was going to use it for her quilt.  It is a bit adventurous in color and design, but so is my daughter.

So if you like, please join me as I present to you the blocks as they are presented to my BOM squad month to month.  Our classes take place on the fourth Monday of every month (unless a holiday gets in the way) and I will post a photo of each completed block after the class is held.  Our first class of the new year is tomorrow, so look for a photo in a day or so.

My daughter is a follower of this blog and knows about the quilt, so there are no secrets being revealed.  Since she is currently volunteering in Uganda, she can watch the progress with everyone else.

Enjoy your weekend, and all the football (it is Go Steelers! in this house) and watch the progress of "Jessica's Wedding Quilt" throughout 2011.