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" Sensational Square-agonals" Craftsy Class
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It's here!
Volume 10!
Quiltmakers 100 Blocks!
Join in on the fun and prizes by participating in the Quiltmakers100 Blocks Blog Tour.  Just go the this Blog Tour link.  Prizes will be awarded so please check it out.  
You can win a free issue of Volume 10 or a set of my two newest Square-agonals patterns (Fading Ghosts and Stars Over the Bayou) by leaving me a comment below.  I would like your comment to be "My favorite quilting tip is........".

My block entry was "Forever".  

I named it after I decided to use red, white, and blue fabrics.  It reminded we should be forever grateful for the duties, bravery, and sacrifices of the military, past present and future. 

So join in the fun! Don't forget to leave me your comment and then visit all the other blog participants.  Good Luck!


  1. What a great block with a great reminder.

  2. My favorite quilting tip is: keep your blades sharp! :-)

    Your block appeals to my patriotic soul. Gorgeous! Congrats.

  3. My tip is measure, read pattern, measure, then cut your pieces.

  4. My favorite quilting tip is: relax and have fun.

  5. My favorite quilting tip is to try new things and use your creativity!

  6. i use paper towel rolls to store bias binding, those ready to use and the leftovers...always handy...and nice block so perfect for quilts of valor!

  7. My favorite quilting tip is to start with a good teacher that is knowledgeable and shows you the steps each way.

  8. My favorite tip is 'read thrice, measure twice, cut once'

    1. That's funny I was going to say measure twice and cut once. I never heard the 'read thrice' part.

  9. I use 'noodles' the long foam noodles kids play with in the pool to store large projects I'm working on.
    Thanks for sharing the blocks you tested and a little bit about the process! Deb deborahmay816@comcast.net

  10. keep up the good work, Kathy in Colo repzjr at plains dot net

  11. I am a new (old) quilter. I love the Forever block. Congratulations on being chosen. Would love to win either gift. My favorite tips so far is "Measure twice o a r three times and cut once. We learn that very rapidly. and Relax and enjoy. It is not a race, but a journey to enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I love your block. Makes me think of 9/11. My tip is take your time, have fun and keep the seam ripper handy.